10-inch f/7 Homebuilt Dobsonian Reflector

Here's the 10-inch Dob I built a few years back.  It produced terrific views of the planets and other deep space objects like globular clusters, but the 2-inch thick mirror took quite a while to cool down.  The heavy plywood and MDF rocker box and ground assembly were also somewhat cumbersome to store and transport, and since the tube was 7 feet long, the whole rig was much less portable than a Dob should be.  I wound up using it only at home, and even then not very often, since horsing the long tube out the door was a big hassle, the cool down time was often over 1.5 hours, and it just didn't fit my needs for a backyard quick look scope.

The photo below shows the big gun sitting in my backyard cooling off several hours before dark.

10-inch f/7 Dob Specifications:

Aperture: 254mm (about 10")

Focal Ratio: f/7

Focal Length: 1778mm