River Skiff, Atlas

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After completing the hatch openings and installing the end decks, the interior was painted, in my favorite interior color for white-hulled boats, "Dynamic Blue" from Sherwin-Williams.


The last part of construction is to mount the seat risers and seats.  Despite the rather mild curvature at the ends of the open waist, it took some serious effort to press the risers to the frames near the ends.


The thwarts are clear pine boards, a little over 10" wide.  These cost a bit, but look great, especially after being given an oil finish along with the fir risers and gunwales.  I cut some outdoor carpet to fit the bottom of the boat to provide some footing and keep gear from sliding around.  This worked very well on the water.  The hatches are simply hinged flat and sealed with weather stripping, like those on the Colorado River boats, with no complicated coamings.   The gear shown in this photo is only a small part of the eventual tripping load.  My original specs called for the payload to include three 4-gallon water jugs, three cubic feet of firewood, and a 45 lb. canvas tent, for starters. 


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