Star Clouds Near B86 and B90


These two dark matter objects in Sagittarius are among the most distinct of their type for their size.  I find these fascinating to look at with both binoculars and with a telescope.  The film camera, however, records the vast clouds of stars surrounding them far better than any optical instrument that most folks will ever own.  Many thanks to Dean Kettelsen of the "small" mirror lab at the University of Arizona, who first pointed out B86 (on the right) to me.  He called it the "hole in space" and I agree.  When viewed through a telescope, that's exactly how it looks!


Instrument: TMB 152 Triplet Refractor with Pentax 67

Film: Fuji Provia 400F, pushed one stop

Exposure: 50 minutes, autoguided with STV

Filter: None

Location: Cibola National Forest, San Mateo Mountains, New Mexico

Date: 30 May 03