Boat Building Logs


Check out photos of the construction process.  The links give the designer's name, the name of the design, and the name of the completed boat.

Bolger Common Sense Skiff, Little Wing  

Bolger Light Schooner , Meteor

Bolger Long Dory, Venusian  

Bolger FastBrick 

Bolger Tortoise, Grunt

Michalak Totos, Dipper and Flicker  

Bolger Diablo, Halcyon 

Michalak Robote, Hypoxia

Michalak QT Skiff, Hero  

Scaled Bolger Windsprint, Flash  

Stretched Bolger Gypsy, Scout

Kolb River Skiff, Atlas

Stretched Bolger Rubens Nymph

Selway-Fisher Asymmetric Baby Raven Canoe


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