The Bolger Diablo

Outboard Utility, Page 2

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This view shows the nice flat bottom panel thanks to the temporary 2x4s.  The slight bulge in the side/bilge panel seam is also evident here, and will be corrected before taping the seams.  So far, the hull appears to be coming out pretty fair.


After initial assembly, I flipped the boat upright in order to tape and fillet the inside seams first.  She's starting to look a real boat at this point.


To keep everything in place when taping and filleting, I first "spot-welded" the inner seams with epoxy putty.  This not keeps the panels in the correct alignment while working inside the boat, often from awkward positions, but also allows removal of the zip ties prior to taping.  The epoxy fillets under the tape will be much thicker, of course.

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