The Bolger Diablo

Outboard Utility, Page 3

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After the inner seams were filleted and taped, I installed the inner gunwales in order to give the hull some strength and help resist twisting, since she's about to go over again for taping and glassing of the outside seams and hull.  To help get the gunwale stock down into position, a guide block sawn at the same angle as the forward bulkhead was clamped in place and the gunwale tapped down into position.  The gunwales were milled from rough 4/4 CVG Douglas fir stock I found at a lumber yard in Denver.


There's quite a bit of sheer to the after end of the hull, and the gunwale stock is also stressed from the twist it has to take up forward.  To help conform to the sheer, I made a simple press by clamping 2x4s to the sheer and bottom.  By attaching the aft end of the gunwale first and moving this arrangement along the hull, the stock was forced to conform to the sheer.


Since the inner gunwale is all inside the hull, it would be difficult to cut one piece to the correct length and fit it properly at the bow and stern.  Because I didn't have any stock that long anyway, I scarfed the inner gunwale on the boat.  Miss December looks on with an approving nod of this approach.

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