The Bolger Diablo

Outboard Utility, Page 4

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This view shows the hull flipped over again, with her outer seams taped and a sealing coat of epoxy applied.  The sealing coat is essential to getting a good bond of the fiberglass sheathing to the hull and helping to get a smooth finish after glassing.


Once the tape and sealing coat were applied, the boat was sanded - lightly on the sealing coat - to get it ready for glassing.  The shiny spot on the bottom aft shows where sanding is still needed.


After sanding, it's time for glassing.  I used two pieces of 50" wide 10 oz. cloth and squeegeed the epoxy into the cloth.  She'll get two or more additional coats of epoxy applied with a roller to finish filling the weave of the cloth before another round of dreaded sanding.

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