Takahashi Epsilon

The Takahashi Epsilon 160mm f/3.3 Hyperbolic Astrograph is my primary astrophotography instrument. With dimensions of 8" in diameter and about 22" in length, and a weight of under 17 lbs., this scope is ideal for astrophotographers who must travel to dark or unobstructed sites like I do.  If you have made the decision to get into serious astrophotography, and you've acquired a real equatorial mount, this is a great scope.  It has everything to recommend it; good light grasp, fast photographic speed, reasonable focal length for manual guiding, and it's available.   The second photo shows the Pelican 1650 case I used to carry the Epsilon and the Tak FC-60, along with its mounting rings and a Telrad.

Epsilon Specifications:

Aperture: 160mm (about 6.3")

Focal Ratio: 3.3

Focal Length: 530mm

Field of View: Approximately 2.6 degrees by 3.9 degrees on 35mm film