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With the exterior fiberglass/epoxy sheathing completed and the boat upright, the interior details can be constructed.  Here the stern bulkhead and watertight locker is being fitted.  The top of the locker, with two holes cut to take the 6" watertight deck plates, can be seen on the assembly table at upper right.  The stove is essential in the winter in order to get the shop warm enough for epoxy to cure.

This view shows the motor/fuel tank well and the stern locker underneath.  The interior of the stern locker was filleted with epoxy putty and all surfaces were liberally coated with epoxy to prevent any condensation from getting into the plywood and to make the locker permanently watertight.  After the epoxy coating, the interior was given two coats of Kilz primer and three coats of latex porch enamel.  I used gloss white paint inside to make it as easy to see into as possible.  This view also shows the motor mount reinforcement in the center of the transom, and the access hatch cutouts.  The locker top has been filleted around the edges with epoxy putty, then the whole panel was given a thick coating of epoxy to seal it for good.  The hatch cutouts were masked off to prevent epoxy from dripping into the locker.  The locker top panel could be sealed before installation, but this way it could be installed, filleted, and coated all in one day.  Since I only work on weekends, it's important to make the time count.  

Note that the scale drawing on the plans showed the distance from the inside of the transom to the inside of the stern bulkhead to be 8-3/4", but the Tempress Ultra fuel tanks that go in here (and purchased after construction of this area) are 9" wide.  It's a tight fit to push the tanks down into this well, but once in they have plenty of room and will be hard to steal or bounce out of the boat in rough water.  Still, it would be easier to get into the stern locker if the well were made 9" wide so that removing the tanks to get at the access hatches wasn't so difficult.   

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