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The watertight bow locker is shown on the plans with an angled face to increase the amount of floor space in the 8' version of the boat.  Since I'm building her at 12', it made sense to simplify this locker and increase its volume by making the panel vertical.  


This view shows the framing  for the bow locker's watertight hatch.


After the braces were glued in, the locker was primed with Kilz prior to painting the interior.  As in the stern locker, the interior is painted white to provide maximum visibility of the contents.  This view also shows the reinforcing block for the oarlock socket glued up under the rail on the starboard side, and loads of clamps along both rails.  The clamps on the starboard rail are gluing a 1/8" shim to the inside of the rail edge.  This shim was needed because the 2" foam insulation I bought turned out to be 2-1/8" thick, which means the interior ply sheathing would have a gap at the rail instead of a landing.  I wonder if all Styrofoam is that way, or if the elevation of my shop (8800' in rural Park County, CO) causes this.  If it's the elevation, we could be in for trouble when the reverse happens at sea level.  Some bracing can be seen on the inside of the boat - it's applying pressure to the portside foam that's been glued in place.  That's a Bolger light schooner hull in the background, with cat-schooner rig as seen in Messing About in Boats, Vol. 21 No. 18 from 01 Feb 2004.

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