Michalak QT Rowing Skiff, Hero

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Hero is a rendition of a Jim Michalak's QT Skiff design.  I wanted a cheap knockabout rowboat with a flat bottom that could be carried in or on my pickup truck and have room for my dog to go along fishing.   Michalak's Robote design, a superb rowing machine, is a joy to row and fish from, but doesn't have a good place for my dog (I should have designed something when building it).  I didn't spend a lot of time on details on this boat, and it's roughly finished with truck bed liner inside, but it serves the intended purpose well.  Some modifications from the original design include moving the chine logs inside the hull and wider plywood hull braces that stiffen the hull and eliminate the transom knees.  The finished boat has worked well and safely carries a good load for its size.  There aren't many photos from the building sequence, but it goes together like any other flat-bottomed plywood skiff.

The basic hull stuck together.  Unlike the original design, the chine logs have been moved to the inside of the boat.  Another change is that the bottom panel was made from 3/8" ply for a little more rugged use.


After the usual fairing and glassing, the hull was flipped and the laminated gunwales installed.  The photo below shows hull braces between the gunwales.  These were later replaced with much wider plywood braces to stiffen the hull.


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