Michalak QT Rowing Skiff, Hero

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The roughly finished boat weighs something like 80 pounds, I'd guess.  I can carry it for short distances, but it's much easier to wheel boats like this around.  The removable dolly shown below uses a standard wheelbarrow wheel purchased at any home improvement store.


It's a simple job to slide the dolly wheel on the forward hull brace, then flip the boat over by stepping on the near side gunwale and grabbing the other side as it comes up.  The supposedly sand colored truck bed liner looks more like peach to me, but it's a tough coating and keeps things from sliding around in the boat.  Although expensive, this coating seems to offer some advantages for knockabout boats like this one over the cheaper house paint finish I usually put on the interiors of my boats.


Rolled down to the water, all rigged and ready to fish.  This boat will hold two of us and our 55 lb. dog, the alleged PWD Truman, with no trouble.  Here, the rowing position is set up for just me and the dog.