Karval Reservoir State Wildlife Area

Located on the eastern plains of Colorado, this tiny reservoir and wildlife preserve is an outstanding, easy to reach dark site for anybody in the Colorado Springs area.  Thanks to a fellow member of the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society, there's even a clear sky clock at the highway turn off for this site. It's a very dark site, darker than the Badger Spring area I normally use most often, and has consistently better seeing since it's away from the mountains.  However, there are few level sites to set up, and if anyone comes in at night to camp, headlights can be a problem.  I suspect that this will be an excellent winter use location. 

The first photo below is the view to the east over the eastern end of the dam and reservoir.  It's also a good view of both the G-11 and MI-250 mounts and their gear.  TMB-105 and a TeleVue-60 are riding on the G-11, waiting to take the first test shots with the small TMB.  The MI-250 is carrying the TMB-152 and Takahashi FC-60 with the STV.  Both of the TMB scopes are sporting Pentax 67 cameras, so that should give some idea of the scale of these TMB scopes, particularly the hefty 152.   The second photo is a view to the south across the other end of the dam, and shows part of the small camping area on the other side of the hill.