Leonids 2001

A spectacular meteor storm occurred on the night of 17 - 18 November 2001.  I viewed and photographed it from Badger Flats near Wilkerson Pass in central Colorado, and will never forget the experience.  Words cannot accurately express the sight of dozens, hundreds - no, thousands of meteors falling in all directions for hours until daylight arrived.  Even photographs fail to convey the full depth of the sensory experience.  In between exposures, I simply stood, turning slowly to scan the sky - bringing a chair along was pointless as the view was truly full-sky, and I was too excited to sit down.  

Monster in Auriga - Huge shadow-casting fireball from the 2001 Leonid Meteor Storm

Leonids over Pike's Peak - Bright meteors in the skyglow of Colorado Springs

Fireballs over Badger Mountain - Big Leonid meteors dropping over Badger Mountain

Leonid Meteor Storm Radiant - Apparent source of the shower in the constellation Leo