The Bolger Light Schooner Meteor

High Performance Daysailer

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Meteor was built in 2003 to plans for design #395 from Phil Bolger and Friends.  Like the Diablo outboard utility, quite a few of these boats have been built.   Since we had sold our Common Sense Skiff, we didn't have a sailboat and wanted to try out a two-masted rig.  The plans are available from Dynamite Payson, but I started out using the reduced sized plans right out of his book, Build the New Instant Boats.  

Since I was building in my garage at the time, I couldn't get the boat completely inside with the bowsprit on, so Phil was kind enough to draw a cat-schooner rig for this hull.   Another motivation for the rig was that we wanted to try out the concept of two identical sails, similar to what we expect our eventual liveaboard cruiser Auriga to have.   Phil sent the complete plan set along with the sheet for the cat-schooner rig, and building commenced. 

I took lots of construction photos, but have never scanned them all, so these pages contain a few shots of her finished and on the water.  Here she is motoring out and Pueblo reservoir in south central Colorado.

We subsequently made a few minor changes, including improved flag etiquette, but we haven't got any new photos of her.  The problem is that everyone wants to be on the boat, not on the shore taking pictures.  The new flag positions are on the leech of the sails, with the national flag on the main.  I hope to get new photos of that during the 2007 season.  This shot shows her sails full and drawing in light wind.


This is the best shot of her to date, in light winds on Pueblo Reservoir back in 2003.  Meteor does all her sailing at Elevenmile Canyon Reservoir nowadays, in almost dead center Colorado.


More photos, including construction photos, coming soon!

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