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Long Dory is a 19'-6" rowboat designed by Phil Bolger and Friends (design #526).   I've never rowed much previously, and thought it would be good exercise as well as good experience in handling a small boat under oars.  Phil was kind enough to send the plans along while we're waiting for he and his crew to finish the design for our liveaboard cruiser, Auriga.  And it seemed like a good project to start while waiting for epoxy and paint to cure on my FastBrick project.

This image shows the three modest but elegant frames for the boat cut out from some nice oak-veneer plywood I had left over from another project.  The interior of the boat will be completely sealed in epoxy and painted, so this nice veneer will be hidden, but it saved buying another sheet of 1/2" plywood.  The scupper cutouts will are left attached until the sides are attached to the frames, in order to get the bottom of the side panels flush with the bottom of each frame.

Here are all the hull panels cut out from two and a half sheets of 1/4" AC "SuperPly" plywood.  This plywood has what appears to be a Luan veneer face, and a similar, though somewhat lower quality back in the 1/4" size.   The 1/2" size, used for the bottom of this boat, appears to have a fir back.  The particle board was used as a sacrificial floor for cutting.  Here, the two mirror image side panels are clamped together for trimming to final shape with a block plane.  In this way, both sides come out identical, including any flaws I made in cutting them out.


After the panels, frames, "tombstone" transom, and stem are cut out and beveled, the boat begins to take shape as the sides are fastened to the frames.  That's my FastBrick project on its side in the foreground.


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