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Here's the dory fully assembled, ready for interior filleting and taping with epoxy and fiberglass tape.  At this point, it's easy to see that this will be a very shapely hull.


Once the interior seams were filleted and taped, I flipped the boat over - fairly easy to do even for a 20-footer since it's so light - and taped the outside seams.   The whole hull was then sealed with a coat of epoxy.  I've found that it's a lot easier to apply fiberglass sheathing if the plywood is sealed first; otherwise, the plywood will soak up some of the epoxy and make it difficult to wet out the glass cloth.  Also note that since the back of the 1/2" AC SuperPly is fir, I put the C side out.  This made it easier to fill the checks and dings, and the glass sheathing will keep it from checking.


Here she is with her fiberglass and epoxy sheathing completed.   To get a really smooth epoxy coating, I rolled on three light coats of epoxy after the initial coat that wet out the cloth.  Light sanding in between coats helps keep things smooth, and by the time the final coat was sanded, a smooth finish was achieved, save for some minor fairing.



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