Long Dory

Rowing Dory, Page 4

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With the hull upright, the gunwale laminations are installed.  This view shows the first of two layers of 3/4" x 1-1/2" Honduras mahogany attached with sheetrock screws while the epoxy cures.  The stock for the second layer is on the floor next to the hull.  Miss August looks on approvingly from above the workbench.


Another view of the first gunwale layer, this time from ahead.  Lots of shaping of the gunwales still to come.


Here's the shop with four boats under construction at once.  The Long Dory at right, the FastBrick at left, a Michalak Toto at the door, and the bilge panels being laid out for a  Bolger Diablo on the floor.  What fun.



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