Piggyback Rigs

These photos show the multi-mounting plate I now use for piggyback wide field imaging.  The plate is 1/2" thick aluminum tooling plate, with numerous slots and mounting holes to accept just about anything in my inventory.  The small holes along the front and rear edges are threaded 1/4"-20 and are spaced 3.5" apart in order to mate with a standard Losmandy DP13.5 doveplate.  Attaching the DP13.5 allows mounting the plate in the Losmandy saddle, either directly to the G-11 or via the DSBS.  The position of the DP13.5 can be varied laterally by attaching it to different sets of holes.  The long slots are milled to accept 1/4"-20 cap screws for attaching a wide variety of equipment.  The slots are spaced 1.75" apart to mate with larger two-hole Losmandy guidescope rings or to rings drilled with 3.5" mounting hole spacing.  The six large holes are simple through-holes bored to take 3/8" bolts and are used to mount tripod heads and ball heads.  As shown in the third photo, this capability makes the plate especially useful for meteor photography.  This is the rig I used for the 2001 Leonid meteor storm.