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Ultralight Rowboat, Page 2

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A true V-bottom design like this one is hard to set on sawhorses unless there's some sort of bracing.  I cut out some scrap plywood cradles to the same sectional shape as the bottom, which is constant in this boat, and screwed them to the saw horses.  After leveling the horses, the boat is now held relatively securely in the proper position with no twist in the hull. 


As I always do on tack and tape designs (or stitch and glue, both methods are used here), I "spot weld" the seams with small amounts of epoxy first.  This holds the shape of the boat and makes sure the panels remain in the correct relative position to each other during filleting and taping of the interior seams.


Here's the slender, and quite good looking hull with the interior seams filleted and taped.  She'll get flipped over for the next job - taping the centerline seam and glassing the hull.

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