The Michalak Robote

Ultralight Rowboat, Page 3

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After the interior was taped, the boat was flipped over and the center seam was taped on the outside.  I didn't tape the outside of the chine seams, because I planned to glass the whole hull, and the glass will act as the tape for these seams.  Because the center seam will see the most wear, it made sense to give it tape prior to glassing for extra abrasion resistance. 


The vertical slab sides of this hull would make wetting out the fiberglass cloth difficult, so I blocked up first one side, then the other to apply the cloth and epoxy.  This worked well with the 38" wide cloth.


Here's the starboard side after the cloth has been wetted out.  Two or more additional coats of epoxy will be rolled on to fully fill the weave.

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