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Ultralight Rowboat, Page 4

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Here's the boat after three coats of epoxy over the fiberglass cloth.  She's ready for sanding and fairing. 


After an hour or so of nasty sanding, the glassed hull is ready to flip over to work on the interior and decking.


Because the lake I plan to use the boat at is very cold year-round, I made permanent bulkheads out of two of the molds and will deck the ends of the boat in for floatation and watertight stowage.  This should hopefully all me to get back into the boat if I'm ever dumped out by a wake or wave, with some hope of bailing her out and getting ashore safely.  This view shows the first layer of gunwale stock attached to the sheer.  The decks will be fitted to this and the top of the bulkhead frames, then the outer gunwale lamination will be added.  I was lucky to find some 16' clear western red cedar for the gunwales, helping to keep the boat light and avoiding scarfing the stock.  All of the solid lumber in this boat is cedar for light weight.


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