Touring Rowboat, Scout

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Scout is stretched version of the popular "instant boat" design Gypsy from Phil Bolger and Friends.  I've always wanted a touring rowboat and liked the beautiful lines of this boat, but at only 400 lbs displacement, it doesn't have a lot of capacity for camping gear, dog, fishing gear, and provisions.  So, another exercise in stretching an existing design seemed in order.  I simply lofted the panel layouts using a 25% increase in the station spacing.  All the bulkheads were left at the original size, and since the design is stretched, not scaled, the freeboard and draft are unchanged.  This results in a boat that's 18'-9" long with the original molded beam of 4'-4", but with a bit less rocker in the bottom and a longer, leaner look.   Since only one dimension was changed, the displacement also increases by 25% to 500 lbs.  This is now enough to hold my gear, dog, and some extra deck structure I wanted to add to provide dry storage for the gear.

Here are the stretched side and bilge panels being scarfed.  I used glass tape butt scarfs, without hollowing the panels out.

The frames are from the original design, but made into bulkheads and given fastening frames on top to take the deck stringers and deck.  The center bulkhead is actually just a temporary mold and will be removed to open up the interior of the boat.   I set this boat up right side up for initial assembly, and it worked pretty good.  It's easier to get the bulkhead tops all lined up and level, but blocking is required in a couple places under the hull to hold the correct shape, especially up forward.

Here's the quarter view showing the stitched up hull.  Notice the temporary blocks on the bottom edge of the bulkheads that allow temporarily tacking the bottom panel in position.


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