Takahashi FC-60 Flourite Doublet Refractor

This is the nifty little Takahashi FC60 refractor I use as a guidescope.  This is a great little scope in its own right, and due to its tack-sharp optics makes a fine instrument for casual observing.  The FC-60 is mounted on top of the Epsilon using a set of Losmandy DR90 guidescope rings.  The compression ring eyepiece holders found on Tak scopes and diagonals hold onto things really well without marring the barrels, but for rapid or frequent eyepiece changes, I've come to prefer the traditional setscrew and bright mirror used in the TeleVue diagonal shown here.  People who buy this scope for guiding astrophotos are often surprised by the terrific views they get from such a small instrument.

FC-60 Specifications:

Aperture: 60mm (about 2.3")

Focal Ratio: 8.3

Focal Length: 500mm